September 2019 Training: What To Expect

Tickets for September training courses are now on sale in the shop. There are 9 courses to choose from so we thought we’d give you a quick run down in one place. Don’t forget we still have seats available for our June 6th/7th courses.

We’ll run a 44CONnect event on the evening of the 10th of September, to which all training attendees are invited. Training delegates also receive a substantial discount on conference tickets.

In & Out – The Network Data Exfiltration Techniques Training

Leszek Miś teaches a 3-day course on Data Exfiltration techniques covering everything from basic reverse connections through protocol manipulation and covert P2P channels. For when you absolutely positively need every form of connectivity in the toolbox, accept no substitute. Book Now

The ARM IoT Exploit Laboratory

Saumil Shah returns with his IoT Exploit Laboratory, 3 days of deep diving into practical IoT device exploitation, covering ARM architecture, debugging, memory corruption and practical hands-on firmware-to-shell exploitation. If you need the capability to exploit memory corruption bugs in ARM, this is the course for you. Book Now

Code injections from beginner to advanced for defenders and attackers

This mad-scientist level technical course is a 3-day zero-to-hero in-depth exploration of attacking and defending against code injection techniques starting with the Windows CreateRemoteThread function and moving into process hollowing, reflective DLL injection techniques, atom bombing and more. Book Now

Advanced Windows Tradecraft

Nikhil Mittal’s 3 day course on getting down and dirty with Active Directory hacking is an essential pick for anyone preparing for a CREST exam who feels their AD exploitation and pivoting game isn’t quite where it should be. Expect restriction bypasses, detection evasion techniques and a grab-bag of tricks from the author of the Nishang exploitation framework. Book Now

Mastering Container Security

This Sold-out course from March returns for another run at prices you won’t see anywhere else in London. NCC’s Rory McCune will take you through attacking and defending container stacks focusing on Docker and Kubernetes. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll (hopefully) secure your containers afterwards. Book Now

SAP Cyber-Security for IT Security Practitioners

Jordan Santarsieri takes attendees through an in-depth technical exploration of SAP vulnerability assessment and exploitation. Assuming no prior knowledge, Jordan works from the fundamentals through to exploitation of SAP vulnerabilities in Windows, Linux, Oracle and Hana. S4/HANA is SAP’s future, and this course even spends time digging into Hana internals. Book Now

Adversary Simulation and Red Team Tactics

Dom Chell and Adam Chester go through an intense walkthrough of the skills required to conduct a sophisticated adversary simulation, including the latest tradecraft and offensive tactics. This two-day course is an essential booking for anyone looking to take a Red Team certification exam. Book Now

The Mobile Application Hacker’s Handbook: Live Edition

Razvan Sima leads this two day course on hacking iOS and Android applications, based on the book of the same name. Expect in-depth exercises covering current iOS and Android versions. If you’re involved in mobile application tests, this is the course for you. Book Now

The Web App Hacker’s Handbook: Live Edition

This two-day course from Marcus Pinto and Aaron Devaney is the de facto standard web app testing course from one of the authors of the de facto standard book to teach web app security testing. This course itself is CREST approved and listed as helpful towards CCT APP. Book Now

A list of all of our courses, including June’s 3 courses can be found on our training page with links to further details. Courses can be booked through the shop, or contact us if you’d like to pay via an invoice.

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Steve co-founded 44CON with Adrian in 2011, running our quarterly training programme and the Call For Papers processes. When not running training Steve likes building hardware, breaking software and writing at