First Videos From 44CON 2018 Up

For a long time we used to sell access to videos on Vimeo. Recently we moved back to making videos freely available on YouTube. Due to some last minute issues with 2018 we had to do a bit more work to get the 2018 videos to a point we were happy with. However, in 2019 the wonderful Ministraitor will be supporting our videos, and we’ll be able to provide them for free from now on. The first 5 videos from 2018’s 44CON are now ready to go, so read on for the vids and our thoughts.

First up we have Mike Gianarakis and Shubham Shah’s Catch Me If You Can. Mike and Shubs have been working on ephemeral vulnerabilities for a while, and this is a great run-down of both ephemeral bugs as a class and some of their work in the bug bounty space in general.

Guy Barnhart-Magen and Ezra Caltum talk about hacking Machine Learning, from bias and algorithms to exploiting Remote Code Execution bugs in ML frameworks.

Much-loved 44CON regular Saumil Shah recovers from an rm -rf incident to deliver a great talk on advanced ARM Shellcode techniques. Expect constrained shellcode with lots of polyglot tricks along the way.

Timo and Tomi knock it out of the park with their tale of extreme lockpicking. Over a decade these advanced persistent researchers started pulling hotel locks apart. What they found is hilarious, entertaining and downright disturbing. Truly, the industry’s Penn & Teller, only the smaller one talks!

Jack Matheson shows us the future of networking, and how SmartNICs can help secure the datacentre of the future. We look forward to talks on hacking and backdooring SmartNIC implementations, but this rare (for 44CON) optimistic talk is one to watch.

We’ll have more videos from 2018 up soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch them as they come out!


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