Upcoming Events

Spring Brk()

Training 12-13th March
44CONnect 12th March

Summer Training

Training 4-5th June
44CONnect 4th June

44CON 2020

Training 7th-9th September
44CON 9th-11th September

44CON Hootenanny

Training 30th Nov - 3rd December Hootenanny 4th December


44CON and Coronavirus

To avoid unnecessary anxiety, we’ve punctuated this post with emergency puppers. It’s been a wild few years in the UK

Get Ready For Spring Brk()

We’ve got an amazing year ahead with 5 events across the UK. Our first training session this March is in


Building a Safe Space for Security Research

We set up a YouTube channel back in 2011, but switched to Vimeo in 2012. Earlier this year we started

4 New 44CON 2018 Videos

We’ve added another 4 videos from 44CON 2018 to 44CON TV. Our older conf talk videos are also moving over