44CON House Rules

44CON House Rules

44CON is welcoming to all. We’ve drafted these house rules to help you understand our guiding behavioural principle: Wheaton’s Law (“Don’t be a dick”). Our house rules aren’t perfect, they’re a work in progress and we’re open to suggestions via houserules@44con.com.

These rules apply to everyone and all interpersonal interactions at the event.


What we want you to get from 44CON: Knowledge. New friends. Job Opportunities. Good times.
What we expect from you: Respect for others. Being kind. Not being a dick.

Interpreting Wheaton’s Law

Our crew leads are the arbiters of Wheaton’s Law. Their decision is final. If you’re given an instruction from a crew member, please follow it. If you’re given a warning, please heed it.

Banter, a playful, friendly exchange of teasing remarks, is fine. If it’s not consensual, it’s not banter.

Reporting concerns

  1. If you have a concern, please raise it with the clearly visible crew or at the front desk.
  2. Alternatively, please fill in a feedback form, anonymously if you prefer.
  3. If the above isn’t possible, please email houserules@44con.com with your concern.
  4. Everything is handled in confidence and we can provide space and support where needed.

We welcome anonymous feedback, but it affects our ability to communicate outcomes.

Grounds for removal

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the event without reimbursement for, but not limited to, the following behaviours;

  1. Theft.
  2. Sustained harassment, discrimination or disruption.
  3. Acts of violence.
  4. Criminal activity.
  5. Any other reason where the relevant crew lead believes that your continued presence may cause a risk to the safety of yourself, others or where Wheaton’s Law has been breached to such a degree that you have acted an epic dick.

Please note: Laws at home may not match those here. In particular, free speech isn’t protected, our computer crime laws are ridiculous and both harassment and discrimination are criminal offences.