Keynote Talk: Robert Schifreen – Three Decades In Security. What’s Changed, And What Hasn’t.

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Our first announcement is for Robert Schifreen’s upcoming keynote – Three Decades In Security. What’s Changed, And What Hasn’t.

Cybercrime has changed greatly in the last 30 years.  People still hack, but for many different reasons.  The rewards available to hackers are much greater, as are the risks.  But many of the techniques that hackers employ, both technical and psychological, have not changed at all.  Victims still fall for the social engineering tricks and the fake emails.  They still write down passwords.  Compilers still fail to protect programmers from buffer overruns. Programmers still fail to protect themselves from being vulnerable to database injection attacks.

Have we learned anything in 32 years?  If so, how much, and is it enough?

In case you were wondering, yes this is that Robert Schifreen. 30 years after the trial that paved the way for the Computer Misuse Act, he has a lot to tell us, and we’re really looking forward to hearing about it.

Robert Schifreen is the founder of, which provides measurable IT security awareness training. He first became known in the security industry in 1985 when he was the first person in the world to be arrested and tried by a jury in connection with computer hacking. His ultimate acquittal in 1987 on all charges, by the House of Lords (the most supreme court at the time), led to the introduction of the Computer Misuse Act 1990.

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