Introducing Newsbeat Beta

If you’ve recently read our 44CON-announce weekly newsletter you may have noticed this section at the bottom of the mail:

Where do these stories come from? How do we choose them? A few months ago we started working on something to bring together content from various link and social aggregators and through AI on the 44COIN blockchain (just kidding, we use Huginn) we’re able to rank, rate, strip out the fluff and generate a news feed. Because the news feed covers Hacker News,, various Reddits and other sources, getting access to this news feed means you no longer need to read these things manually – the best stuff comes to you.

We trialled the feed first on the 44CON Twitter account, then on LinkedIn. It’s great for social media but we wanted to go further. Enter Newsbeat.

Newsbeat is our all-killer-no-filler Monday-Friday email for people who want the best cybersecurity tips, techniques and tools to come to them. We refined our filters further to reduce noise, only the best links get through. There are normally 3-10 links a day. Here’s how we’re using it at 44CON:

Create a rule to move newsbeat emails into a dedicated folder after 24 hours. The next time someone talks to you about something new in security, search your email and you’ll find a link to the source instead of the press article.

It’s specifically tuned to our audience. If you come to 44CON, this is for you. No ads. No BS. Just the best links of the day, as it should be.

Newsbeat goes out at 8am UK time, Monday to Friday. Our goal is to save you 30 minutes a day, or 2 and a half hours a week compared to browsing the socials at work.

It’s still in beta and sometimes gets things a little wrong. Any feedback you have would be welcome. If you want to see some examples, click on the pictures below.

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Steve co-founded 44CON with Adrian in 2011, running our quarterly training programme and the Call For Papers processes. When not running training Steve likes building hardware, breaking software and writing at