Press Information

This page contains information relevant to members of the press. Whether you’re thinking of covering 44CON for your personal blog or a mainstream media outlet, we’d appreciate it if you read this anyway.

Press Office

There is a press office at our conferences where registered members of the press can conduct interviews and access the 44CON press team. The room has sufficient space for stands, cameras and microphones to be set up but this has to be arranged in advance.


44CON conferences are events for all sorts of information security related people who come from many walks of life and have different world views. People expect a certain right to non-intrusive behaviour. While registered press are welcome, unregistered press members will be asked to leave. In order to make everyone’s experience better, the following house rules apply:

  • Press must register as press in advance
  • Your press pass must be worn at all times
  • Except for 44CON photographers, filming and photography is not permitted in the auditorium area
  • No pictures of participants may be taken without explicit permission
  • A certain number of free press tickets are available – please contact for details
  • If you are writing an article about 44CON please let us know in advance so we can link to your organisation’s web site

If in doubt, please ask a helper as ejection from the conference often offends. For registration, queries and notification please e-mail us.