Emil Tan: What it Means to Have the C Word in the National Security Agenda

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Our next announcement is Emil Tan – What it Means to Have the C Word in the National Security Agenda

This is a highly non-technical talk.

What is the meaning of ‘security’? Words like ‘information security’, ‘cyber security’ and ‘critical (information) infrastructure protection’ have found their way into many countries’ national security agenda over the past few years. When, how and why did that happen?

Many countries have developed and published ‘National Cyber Security Strategies’ which outline how cyber threats are dealt with at the national level. Everyone is facing the same threats in cyberspace, yet we are all approaching it differently. Why?

My talk is not a linear narration of history. My talk aims to explore and explain this phenomenon, from a policy analysis angle, of how ‘cyber security’ became a national security issue and what impact this has on the future.

Emil started his career in infosec as a researcher at Singapore’s Defence Science National Laboratories, focusing primarily in the area of intrusion detection and deception. He was later appointed security administrator at a Security Ops Centre in the Ministry of Defence, Singapore. Emil then pursued his BSc Computer Science and MSc Information Security at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Emil is an active advocate in the infosec community. He founded Edgis, a special interest group, and is also a Chapter Member with The Honeynet Project. Apart from these commitments, he also actively gets himself involved in infosec groups and events such as BSides London, Null Singapore, etc.

Emil’s infosec foundation is highly technical, however he was also involved in other interdisciplinary studies during his university years, e.g. Political Science, Communication Science, Geospatial Theory, Psychology, etc. Emil now enjoys viewing the infosec world through this multi-disciplinary lens.

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