44CON Cyber Security 2016 Cancelled

Unfortunately we’ve had some problems with the 44CON Cyber Security event that we just couldn’t overcome. Some of these issues were small, like crew numbers, while others such as unexpected price hikes for us were simply insurmountable without breaking the cost model. Furthermore, the presence of so many great events in the UK from BSides London and Manchester, through to Securitay meant that a separate event was becoming harder to justify in an already busy calendar.

When we started 44CON Cyber Security last year, we set out to create an exhibition for the Infosec community without the infosuck. We wanted to create an event that was free (or at least super cheap), that was different to 44CON London but had its spirit (if not its Gin) and a place where people more involved in end-user business security functions could come together without the fear of heavy-handed barcode scanning. We believe we mostly succeeded, but only as a result of the enormous effort our crew of volunteers put in and Adrian’s hard work.

Unfortunately this year both Adrian and Steve have had less time to work on 44CON Cyber Security, and with fewer volunteers able to plug the gaps, we felt that if we couldn’t deliver an event on par with last year that perhaps it would be better to focus on making 44CON London an even better event, which is what we’re going to do.

We’ll be in touch with everyone with a ticket for 44CON Cyber Security to let them know that it’s not going ahead, and to give them the option of a full refund or discounted entry to 44CON London, and of course to apologise for any inconvenience. But it’s not all bad news…

Traditionally, 44CON London has had an Infosec track and a technical track. Last year had no Infosec track because of 44CON Cyber Security. This year, the Infosec track will be back with a vengeance.

It’s going to be awesome.

If you have any questions, please email 44con@44con.com, and we’ll do our best.

Adrian & Steve

44CON Sponsorship Opportunities

As many of you may be aware 44CON now has TWO great conferences a year!

44con-csThe first of our conferences 44CON Cyber Security will take place on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at the ILEC Conference Centre, London.  44CON Cyber Security is a one day event focusing on both management and technical aspects of information security topics. During this one day event there will be workshops, talks and new exhibition giving you the prefect platform to network.

44CONLONDONOur second conference of the year is our flagship, 44CON London 2016. 44CON London, now in its sixth successful year, is recognised as a “must-attend” conference for security professionals. Offering unparalleled networking, cutting-edge presentations and thought leadership across the information security arena, we aim to ensure attendees have a great time with a good lunch and tea/coffee and more. There will also be a number of training courses being put on around the conference. 44CON London 2016 will be held from 14th-16th September 2016 at the ILEC Conference Centre, London.

If you wish to become one of our awesome sponsors this year then please take a look at the 44CON Cyber Security & 44CON London 2016 Sponsorship Pack to see what sponsorship opportunities we have to offer! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our sponsor operations team: sponsorops@44con.com.