Graham McKay: Data Protection, Privacy and Cloud Computing: Navigating Legal Compliance

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Our seventh announcement is Graham McKay – Data Protection, Privacy and Cloud Computing: Navigating Legal Compliance.

Since the development of EU data protection law, technology has advanced at significant pace; indeed the world we live in today would be unrecognisable to the citizens in 1995 when our current data protection legislation was enacted.

Digital technologies such as cloud computing have fundamentally changed the ways in which consumers interact with organisations globally; indeed technological developments allow for the collection and processing of ever increasing volumes of personal data. The current data protection framework was conceived in a technologically different era to our current digital world whilst data volume has exploded.

Cloud computing profoundly transforms the manner in which Information Technology (IT) services are conceived, deployed, delivered, scaled and consumed with the potential of this disruptive technology being recognised by industry and government alike. The abundance of data relating to individuals leaves behind a hidden trail with the potential to be pieced together formulating a jigsaw of our identity capturing every online action we take, rendering the notion of privacy outmoded in such an information-rich society.

Whilst data protection legislation was enacted before the development of cloud computing, this presentation will identify the continued relevance of the data protection principles and recognise that cloud computing can be exploited within current data protection and privacy legislation.

The European Commission is currently proposing major reform of data protection legislation to “strengthen individual rights and tackle the challenges of globalisation and new technologies” by way of the Proposed General Data Protection Regulation but will this meet the needs of technological advancement thus far and beyond?

Graham leverages his 15 years of information security leadership experience to advise on appropriate security postures and resilience capabilities in line with risk appetite, focusing on business value.

With a blend of technical skills and business acumen, a deep knowledge of information law including privacy, data protection and information rights, Graham holds the certifications CIPP/E, CISM, CRISC, MBCI and PCIP in addition to being a qualified accountant. He has recently graduated from Northumbria University with an LLM in Information Rights Law and Practice where his dissertation on the application of data protection regulations in the cloud computing landscape including cross jurisdictional boundary challenges received a distinction.

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