44CON 2014 Workshops

Some of the following workshops have specific requirements for items that attendees should bring along, full details will be published on the requirements page closer to the event.

Advanced Excel Hacking

Presented By: Didier Stevens

This is a workshop on hacking Excel on Windows without exploits.

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a powerful programming language, more powerful than VBScript, because it has access to the Windows API. What I teach in this workshop is applicable to all applications with VBA support (Word, Powerpoint, AutoCAD, …), but I choose Excel because of its prevalence and its tabular GUI that is particularly suited for inputting and outputting data.

I illustrate 2 major hacking techniques on Excel: pure VBA and VBA mixed with with special shellcode and DLLs.

Creating A Security Awareness Program

Presented By: Valerie Thomas

Creating a security awareness program from scratch is no easy task. If you’re responsible for building a new program, modifying an existing program, or just want some educational resources for friends and family this workshop is for you. We’ll cover the basic components of an awareness program, training for budgets large and small, and bringing it all together to create a program that’s right for you.