44CON Cyber Security 2016 Cancelled

Unfortunately we’ve had some problems with the 44CON Cyber Security event that we just couldn’t overcome. Some of these issues were small, like crew numbers, while others such as unexpected price hikes for us were simply insurmountable without breaking the cost model. Furthermore, the presence of so many great events in the UK from BSides London and Manchester, through to Securitay meant that a separate event was becoming harder to justify in an already busy calendar.

When we started 44CON Cyber Security last year, we set out to create an exhibition for the Infosec community without the infosuck. We wanted to create an event that was free (or at least super cheap), that was different to 44CON London but had its spirit (if not its Gin) and a place where people more involved in end-user business security functions could come together without the fear of heavy-handed barcode scanning. We believe we mostly succeeded, but only as a result of the enormous effort our crew of volunteers put in and Adrian’s hard work.

Unfortunately this year both Adrian and Steve have had less time to work on 44CON Cyber Security, and with fewer volunteers able to plug the gaps, we felt that if we couldn’t deliver an event on par with last year that perhaps it would be better to focus on making 44CON London an even better event, which is what we’re going to do.

We’ll be in touch with everyone with a ticket for 44CON Cyber Security to let them know that it’s not going ahead, and to give them the option of a full refund or discounted entry to 44CON London, and of course to apologise for any inconvenience. But it’s not all bad news…

Traditionally, 44CON London has had an Infosec track and a technical track. Last year had no Infosec track because of 44CON Cyber Security. This year, the Infosec track will be back with a vengeance.

It’s going to be awesome.

If you have any questions, please email 44con@44con.com, and we’ll do our best.

Adrian & Steve

44CON Cyber Security F-Secure After Party

We know how you all like a drink or two and, with that in mind, 44CON are delighted to announce F-Secure will be sponsoring the bar and Gin O’Clock at this year’s 44CON Cyber Security.

We are sure most of you have heard of Edward Snowden. Well, it’s been almost two years since he blew the whistle on the US and Britain’s spying programmes, bringing the issue of mass surveillance to the fore.

Last year, F-Secure supported the launch of the Edward Snowden Oscar-winning documentary CITIZENFOUR. To celebrate the success of the film and the hard work of Britain’s privacy advocates, F-Secure will be hosting an after party. Taking place straight after Gin O’Clock, the party will continue on until 21:30, and will include a number of VIP guests including Ewen MacAskill (of The Guardian and CITIZENFOUR) and Jess Search (of film-backer Britdoc). F-Secure’s chief research officer Mikko Hypponen will also be conducting a short Q&A during the evening. All of our sponsors and attendees are invited to join in the celebrations.

F-Secure is an online security and privacy company trusted by millions of users worldwide. F-Secure is a pioneer in providing security as a service to SMBs, as well as one of the first to introduce mobile security to the market. To find out more about its Freedome VPN service for consumers and businesses, please visit https://www.f-secure.com/en_GB/web/home_gb/freedome/.

44CON Cyber Security Speakers and Workshop

Here you have it our speakers and workshops for 44CON Cyber Security taking place Tuesday 28th April 2015.

Our Speakers this year are:

  • Jerry Gamblin: Presentation and Communication Skills for Security Professionals
  • Ian Maxted: Law Enforcement and Technology, how is the future looking?
  • Jessica Barker: Cyber Myths and Monsters: how to raise awareness and change behaviours
  • Shan Lee: Somebody Else’s Problem; Payment Service Providers and the S.E.P. Field Generator
  • Quentyn Taylor: Not following the herd – how to make your voice matter in the corporate world

Workshops at this year’s 44CON Cyber Security are

  • Steve Lord: Breaking In: How to hack your way to a Cybersecurity career, and how to hack it if you already have one
  • Steve Armstrong: Essentials of Incident Response

44CON Cyber Security 28th April 2015

London needs a NEW one day Cyber Security event and we know just the people to deliver it…US!

44CON is excited to deliver 44CON Cyber Security taking place on Tuesday 28th April at the ILEC Conference Centre in London.

44CON Cyber Security will focus on both management and technical aspects of information security topics. During this one day event there will be workshops, talks and new exhibition giving you the prefect platform to network and learn from the UK’s best information security conference series.

44CON Cyber Security will be a free to attend event with the option of purchasing our PREMIUM tickets so you can experience even more of what 44CON has to offer.

44CON Proud Supporters of White Hat Rally

44CON are delighted to announce that we will once again be proud supporters of White Hat Rally and their project to raise money for Barnardo’s.

The awesome people over at WHR are in their third year, yes third year of raising moment for Barnarod’s. They will rally from the Welsh borders, to the West Coast, from north to south, taking part in all sorts of challenges as long the way.

This year we have decided to donate some of the money from PREMIUM ticket sales.

We have given WHR members a 40% discount on PREMIUM tickets to our Cyber Security event happening in London on Tuesday 28th April with usually cost £100. For every ticket sold using this discount code 44CON will donate £10 to Barnardo’s .

Last year WHR raised over a whopping £39,500. Lets see if we can help them raise even more this year and help make a real positive difference to these children’s lives.

Barnardo’s will be in attendance at this years 44CON Cyber Security event so if you are not a member of the WHR and still wish to do your bit then make sure you come along and talk to them at the event.