44CON Cyber Security Speakers and Workshop

Here you have it our speakers and workshops for 44CON Cyber Security taking place Tuesday 28th April 2015.

Our Speakers this year are:

  • Jerry Gamblin: Presentation and Communication Skills for Security Professionals
  • Jessica Barker: Cyber Myths and Monsters: how to raise awareness and change behaviours
  • Shan Lee: Somebody Else’s Problem; Payment Service Providers and the S.E.P. Field Generator
  • Quentyn Taylor: Not following the herd – how to make your voice matter in the corporate world

Workshops at this year’s 44CON Cyber Security are

  • Steve Lord: Breaking In: How to hack your way to a Cybersecurity career, and how to hack it if you already have one
  • Steve Armstrong: Essentials of Incident Response