44CON 2022 starts in two days

What to expect?

Wednesday night – We have nothing planned. But people will be meeting in the venue bar. (Chelsea are playing that night and the local pubs are expected to be ‘fun’).

Thursday morning – Registration will start at 9:15; we look forward to seeing you back or for the first time! It has been too long.

After the opening you will have the choice of a talk, a workshop, a workshop on the CTF.

The CTF will be a Search Party run by Trace Labs. Read more about it.

Thursday night is packed with things to do and learning and more (food will appear) – another ‘interactive’ talk, a tabletop for groups (and prizes) based on incident management/response and apparently there’s a band that has one track called ‘vulnerability management’. (They played to over 2000 people at Defcon.)

… the bar will be open all night …

Friday morning will kick off at 9:30 with registration from 8:45 with another day of stuff and giveaways in the turbo closing event.

There will be a feedback form. Fill this in for a chance of free entry to next year and other fun prizes.
Get the sponsor form stamped, we give prizes for this as well.

If you think we’ve missed something, please let us know.

We hope you have a safe, FUN time at 44CON 2022.

Check our full programme on Sched.

There are still tickets available but price will go up from Wednesday so grab yours now!