44CON.xi Cyber Crisis – Threat Condition

The best time to learn about how you will act in a crisis is not when your first crisis happens.

We have some exciting news!

We have partnered with Stone Papers Scissors, an experienced UK ‘gaming’ creator, to create THREAT CONDITION, a cyber crisis game that highlights the internal and external communication aspects of a reputationally damaging cyber attack.

We will run the first one on 23-24 September 2021 as part of two days of lunchtime briefings, followed by two afternoons of cyber incident game for up to 60 players in an online environment to allow people to connect and one morning of workshops.

We still did not think it was safe to have a physical event this September but we really hope that we will be able to hold one next year.

The game is played by teams of players interacting dynamically as they collectively consider what to do about an emerging crisis based on an amalgam of real-world case studies.

Players look at how an organisation’s information systems are structured, its policy options and practices for cyber security, then the game allows the participants to play through their options and the consequences of those decisions. Intercommunication between teams of players is a major part of the gameplay and it generates opportunities for participants to gain insights into their own organisational practices and policies and to rehearse responses to a crisis under time pressure.

We are also going to produce new tshirts and hoodies.

Read more and get your ticket here!