Threat Condition – the security communications wargame

We will run Threat Condition, our security communications wargame, on Thursday evening during 44CON 2022.

THREAT CONDITION is a security communications wargame that highlights the internal and external communication aspects of a reputationally damaging cyber attack. This interactive environment simulates the problems and issues of cyber security and the consequent organisational and communication challenges.
The wargame is played by teams of players interacting dynamically as they collectively consider what to do about an emerging crisis based on an amalgam of real-world case studies.

Adrian had the idea for Threat Condition in 2020 and developed the concept. We then commissioned Stone Paper Scissors to develop and deliver the physical game for us. They are a manual games design company, who develops and facilitates bespoke games for government, corporate, organisational and recreational audiences in order to generate insights, educate and entertain.
Over the last ten years they have delivered a wide range of serious games, such as in support of academic research on social issues, geopolitical games for the UK government, and wargames for the UK Defence community.


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