44CON 2022 News

We are delighted to tell you more about 44CON 2022.

First: tickets are available in our shop, grab yours now!

Second: for everyone’s safety, we are going to have air filtering systems from 4th Wave Technology. They are the UK Partner of Radic8 who have proved technology that kills all viruses and bacteria that pass through the systems. Our aim is to change the air in excess of 20 times an hour, way higher than the eight times an hour recommended to reduce Covid.
We don’t know if any variant(s) of Omicron will be out in force in September so we are fully in support of face mask wearing at the event — face to face talking is the only thing where the units can’t protect you from someone who is positive.

We will have a CTF running throughout the event. Trace Labs are a worldwide team teaching people how to use open source intelligence techniques quickly to find missing people.
Trace Labs has run OSINT Search Parties internationally, bringing together thousands of skilled investigators, hackers and enthusiasts to help find missing persons.

On Thursday night we will have Threat Condition in Track 1. Threat Condition is a cyber crisis game that highlights the internal and external communication aspects of a reputationally damaging cyber attack. The game is played by teams of players interacting dynamically as they collectively consider what to do about an emerging crisis based on an amalgam of real-world case studies.

The coffee and bar will be from our friends at Antipode and there will be changes in this area to ensure it is far less crowded.

It will be a very different event. In some respects it will be more like the first event reworked.

Want to talk or present a workshop? Our CFP is still open for another week. Check here and submit.

See you there!