4 New 44CON 2018 Videos

We’ve added another 4 videos from 44CON 2018 to 44CON TV. Our older conf talk videos are also moving over to the channel. If you want them in your YouTube stream, don’t forget to subscribe to 44CON TV and click the bell. Once all the videos are up, we’ll start work on other ways to access our content. Lets see what’s new! Continue reading “4 New 44CON 2018 Videos”

More 2018 44CON Videos Added

This week we’ve added another 5 videos from 44CON 2018. We’re also starting to move our older conf talk videos over to the YouTube channel, so if you’d like them to show up in your stream, don’t forget to subscribe to the 44CONtv channel and click the bell to get notifications as new videos go up. From now on, all of our videos will be up on YouTube as soon as the 1s and 0s can carry them. Continue reading “More 2018 44CON Videos Added”

First Videos From 44CON 2018 Up

For a long time we used to sell access to videos on Vimeo. Recently we moved back to making videos freely available on YouTube. Due to some last minute issues with 2018 we had to do a bit more work to get the 2018 videos to a point we were happy with. However, in 2019 the wonderful Ministraitor will be supporting our videos, and we’ll be able to provide them for free from now on. The first 5 videos from 2018’s 44CON are now ready to go, so read on for the vids and our thoughts. Continue reading “First Videos From 44CON 2018 Up”