PwnAdventure: RE through Game Hacking

Presented By: Jordan Wiens, Peter LaFosse & Rusty Wagner

PwnAdventure is a custom 3D MMORPG created for the Ghost in the Shellcode CTF and it’s now been transformed into a hands-on reverse engineering training class. Learn the basics of binary reverse engineering, custom network protocol analysis, all while granting yourself in-game superpowers and pwning newbs with your FPS skills. 

No tools are required as each registration includes a fully licensed copy of Binary Ninja. Successful students will experience a full CTF challenge environment without the pressure of learning on their own, developing new abillities in binary patching and reverse engineering with custom hands-on instruction in a new reverse engineering product by the team that develops it. 

The successful student will have some programming experience (C recommended, other scripting helpful), familiarity with assembly (x64 recommended), and the desire to solve technical problems. 

The 2 day course will take place on the 13th & 14th September 2016.

Cost is £ 1,300 (inc VAT). Buy your place in our shop now.

Course Outline

Day 1:

  • CTF Introduction / 4 Person team creation (15min)
  • Basics of Assembly (30min),Binary Patching (30min)
  • Blind Protocol Analysis (30min).
  • Remainder of Day 1: Hands on challenges. Work through the CTF-format challenges. Instructors will mentor teams throughout the event as the atmosphere is somewhat competitive (there is a prize!) but mostly collegial. The goal is to have fun and learn something.

Day 2:

  • First half is finishing up the challenges independently as teams.
  • The latter half of the day is spent reviewing multiple solutions to each challenge.

Target Audience & Student Requirements

Those with little to no reverse engineering experience up to experts. Some C/assembly programming experience is helpful but not required. Course is flexible in terms of backgrounds, we’ve had prominent security researchers take it and enjoy it in the same class as people who had never looked at assembly before.

Hardware Requirements

A laptop with dedicated GPU is helpful, but not required. Intel Iris integrated video cards work fine as well. If in doubt, try the PwnAdventure 3 client ( and make sure it loads and runs. No other software is required — each student attending gets a personal copy of Binary Ninja to use after the course. A programming/scripting environment is also helpful for some challenges (a Linux VM or OS X host or Windows with development platforms like python installed are all more than enough)

About the Trainers

Jordan Wiens has been running and playing CTFs for 14 years, having played in nine of the last ten DEF CON finals, and won three of those times. He was also the captain of the team behind the Ghost in the Shellcode CTF, one of the most highly ranked CTFs on During the day, Jordan has been a vulnerability researcher, network security engineer, and nerf aficionado. 

Rusty Wagner: Rusty is the only developer and designer of PwnAdventure 2, PwnAdventure 3, and the lead developer behind PwnAdventure Z, three popular and unique game-based capture the flag challenges. He has played on many winning CTF teams and is one of the co-founders of and the lead developer of Binary Ninja (

Peter LaFosse: Peter has 12 years of vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and software development experience. He has been playing CTF’s religiously since 2008. He’s played in DEF CON CTF Finals 7 years in a row and was placed in the top rankings many times, including one first place finish. Formerly, Peter was the lead vulnerability researcher for Raytheon SIGOVS where he held that position for 7 years.  Currently he is a co-founder of Vector35, and developer of Binary Ninja.


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