Shay Chen

default Twitter: @sectooladdict
Shay Chen is the CTO of Hacktics, an advanced security center of Ernst & Young.

As a victim of the law of familiarity, a decade of exposure to common vulnerabilities was enough to shift his focus to abnormal hacking methodologiesand new attack vectors.

He is also a prominent blogger and researcher, and is responsible for many security publications, including new application-level attacks, testing methodologies and open source projects.

In the recent years, as the co-author of the platforms “Diviner” and “WAVSEP”, he was involved in the publication of several large-scale researches in the field of automated security scanners.

Shay is an experienced speaker, has been instructing a variety of information security courses for the past 8 years, and had multiple appearances in international conferences, including Blackhat, Hacktivity, AppSecUSA and others.

Shay has presented at:

  • 44CON 2013: Net Havoc – Manipulating Properties of Dormant Server Side Web Controls