Ruben Boonen

Ruben Bonnen Twitter: @FuzzySec
My name is Ruben Boonen, I have been working in InfoSec since 2012. I have a well-rounded skill set, having taken on many application, infrastructure and bespoke engagements. I have however developed a special interest for Windows: Domains, exploit development, client-side attacks, restricted environments, privilege escalation, persistence, post-exploitation and of course PowerShell!

I love breaking stuff but it is equally important to me to share that knowledge with the wider community. I have previously been a trainer at Black Hat, Def Con and various BSides events in the UK. Additionally, I maintain a InfoSec blog and GitHub account ( where I publish research on a variety of topics!

Didier has presented at:

  • 44CON 2017: UAC 0day, all day!