Rafal Los

default Twitter: @whiterabbit

Website: hp.com/go/white-rabbit

Rafal Los, Chief Security Evangelist for Hewlett-Packard Software, combines nearly 15 years of subject-matter expertise in information security with a critical business risk management perspective.  From technical research to building and implementing enterprise application security programs, Rafal has a track record with organizations of diverse sizes and verticals.  He is a featured speaker at events around the globe, and has presented at events produced by OWASP, ISSA, Black Hat,  and SANS among many others. He stays active in the community by writing, speaking and contributing research, representing HP in OWASP, the Cloud Security Alliance and other industry groups. His blog, Following the White Rabbit, with his unique perspective on security and risk management has amassed a following from his industry peers, business professionals, and even the media and can be found at http://hp.com/go/white-rabbit.

Rafal has presented at:

  • 44CON 2012: House of cards – How not to collapse when bad things happen
  • 44CON 2012 (Workshop): SecBiz Workshop – Bridging the Security/Business Gap