Olivier Bilodeau

olivier bilodeau Twitter: @obilodeau
Website: github.com/obilodeau
Olivier Bilodeau is leading the Cybersecurity Research team at GoSecure. With more than 10 years of infosec experience, Olivier managed large networks and server farms, wrote open source network access control software and recently worked as a Malware Researcher. Passionate communicator, Olivier has spoken at several conferences like Defcon, Botconf, SecTor, Derbycon and many more. Invested in his community, he coorganizes MontréHack — a monthly workshop focused on applied information security through capture-the-flag challenges —, he is in charge of NorthSec’s training sessions and is hosting NorthSec’s Hacker Jeopardy. His primary research interests include reverse engineering tools, Linux and/or embedded malware and honeypots. To relax, he likes to participate in information security capture-the-flag competitions, work on various opensource projects and brew his own beer.

Olivier has presented at:

  • 44CON 2017: Lessons Learned Hunting IoT Malware
  • 44CON 2016: Hunting Linux Malware for Fun and $flags