Mike Antcliffe

default Twitter: @mantcliffe
Website: www.crisisplanningroom.com
Mike is a Web Developer turned security hacking and forensics geek. A web application hacker and mobile app developer he also enjoys Incident Response and doxing those hackers that target his clients.

Mike has been in the IT Security arena for the last 7 years and has released several security testing tools and scripts. He is the lead developer of CyberCPR the incident response tool he wants to use when dealing with hackers.

Trained in forensics, malware reverse engineering, both website and mobile app development (and hacking), Mike loves to geek on anything cool and new.

When drunk Mike will refer to himself in the 3rd person.

Mike has presented at:

  • 44CON 2014 (workshop): Incident Handling with CyberCPR