Michael Viscuso

default Twitter: @MichaelViscuso
A business-minded technologist, Mike is known for his drive and sense of mission. He manages day-to-day operations across the company and has a proven history of managing and delivering high-performance solutions and attracting exceptional, highly-motivated talent. Mike is highly regarded in the Computer Network Operations community, and was a key leader of a team of SMEs that built one of the fastest growing cyber security practices within the government sector. Now CEO of Carbon Black Inc., he is on a mission to change the way corporations prepare for and respond to data breaches. Mike graduated from Villanova University with BS degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Michael has presented at:

  • 44CON 2013 (workshop): Context Clues: How Today’s Security Leaders Leverage Event Metadata, Frequency & Relationships to Make Better Decisions
  • 44CON 2012: Surveillance Cameras: The Real-World Has Them Everywhere, Why Not The Computer?
  • 44CON 2012 (Workshop): Using relationship data to unseat undetected persistent malware