Klaus Schmeh

Klaus-Schmeh-CF.jpg Twitter: @klausschmeh
Website: www.schmeh.org
Klaus Schmeh is the world’s leading blogger in the field of crypto history. Klaus’ blog has become the most important online forum for unsolved encryptions and historical ciphers. Even the NSA has forwarded to him inquiries concerning encrypted documents.

Klaus’ blog readers have proved extremely successful in breaking old cryptograms.

Klaus Schmeh has published 14 books, 200 articles, 700 blog posts and 20 research papers about encryption technology, which makes him the most-published cryptology author in the world. While he writes his blog in English, most other of his publications are in German.

As his main profession of security consultant at the German company, cryptovision, Klaus utilizes his special skill in explaining complex technical topics, often using self-drawn cartoons and Lego brick models for visualization.

Klaus will present at:

  • 44CON2018: How to Explain Post-Quantum Cryptography to a Middle School Student

Klaus has presented at:

  • 44CON 2017: Breaking Historical Ciphers with Modern Algorithms