Kevin Williams

As the General Manager of TC-UK Internet Security Ltd in Winchester, Hampshire, I work with a team of world class cyber security analysts and malware engineers who will be able to provide expert advice and opinion to the threats impacting the UK and beyond. This will be under both commercial agreements and separate community support programmes.I bring my experience from 25 years in law-enforcement, delivering the UK’s national response to cyber criminals since 2008. During this time I have been involved in ensuring the protection from the cyber security threat to UK citizens and specifically for the London Olympics and Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

I initially joined the Metropolitan Police Service in 1989 where I served in uniform and detective roles across North London. Having qualified as a financial investigator I joined the Met’s Fraud Squad in 2000. In 2007 I was promoted to Detective Inspector and ran the Economic & Specialist Crime Intelligence Unit. At that time I led the investigation into the loss of the 2 CD’s at the Child Benefit Agency in Newcastle, which drew much media attention. In 2008 I helped to build the Police Central e-crime Unit (PCeU) where I was responsible for intelligence, strategy and preparing the e-crime response to the London 2012 Olympics. During this period I was also seconded to the UK’s Cyber Security Operations Centre in Cheltenham. In 2010 I moved to work direct to DAC Janet Williams to the national police eCrime lead, where I supported her in her responsibilities for cyber, CT, Security, VIP and Royalty protection during the Jubilee and the Olympics. Following promotion to Detective Chief Inspector I returned to the PCeU where I led the National eCrime Programme response for strategic intelligence and industry liaison. In January 2013 I took up the role as the PCeU lead for building the National Cyber Crime Unit of the National Crime Agency. In October 2013 I transferred to the NCA’s National Cyber Crime Unit (NCCU) where I was the lead for partnership engagement with UK industry, Government and academia. I also lead on behalf of the head of the NCCU on building the UK’s law enforcement capability to respond to the threat of cyber crime. I joined TC-UK Internet Security Ltd on 3rd March 2015.

The ambition is to build the reputation of the UK office, ensuring we bring together a group of highly skilled and experienced analysts, enhance the reputation of the Team Cymru brand by engaging with the Internet security community across the UK and beyond. We are always open to suggestions however esoteric or eccentric they may seem, please feel free to make contact so we can consider how we might help or how we could work together to build a safer community.

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