Jaime Cochran

default Twitter: @asshurtACKFlags
Website: www.rustleleague.com
Jaime Cochran has been involved in the information security scene for almost fifteen years. In the late 1990’s, she successfully wrote a zero-day script that compromised almost one thousand computers in an hour. This attack, being a novel feat at the time, was highlighted in several news articles around the world. Next, Jaime (along with two fellow hackers) would become infamous in South Korea after being interviewed on national television regarding the ability to hack into nuclear power plant sites. From humble beginnings writing exploits in C and assembly, Jaime has evolved into a high level thinker and driving force in the information security ethics scene. Her interest today is to evaluate the security complexities that hinder American and World society, and how relevant failures may be adequately rectified through social and technological change.

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