David Mirza Ahmad

David Mirza Ahmad gwxOR5RK_400x400 Twitter: @attractr
Website: subgraph.com
David Mirza Ahmad is one of the founders of Subgraph and a Subgraph OS core developer. Prior to this he was the moderator of the Bugtraq mailing list, and was on the founding team of SecurityFocus. He was also a developer and maintainer of the Vega open source web security scanner. David works on low-level components of Subgraph OS: recently, this includes the seccomp-bpf wrapper for the sandbox, runtime profiler for policy generation, event monitor and notification system, TLS guard, and onion guard. David also manages the project and organization administration.

David has presented at:

  • 44CON 2017: Subgraph OS: Hardening a Linux Desktop