Arron Finnon

default Twitter: @f1nux


Arron M Finnon has been involved in security research for over 6 years. Arron has discussed a wide range of security related topics at a number of Security/Hacking conferences in both the UK and Europe, as well as produced over 60 security related podcasts. Interviewing countless security professionals as part of the Finux Tech Weekly Show. During Arron’s time at University he was also awarded the SICSA Student Open Source Award for his Advocacy of Free and Open Source software. Now the founder of alba13 research labs, his company specialises in conducting bespoke security research for a number of clients.

Arron has presented at:

  • 44CON 2012: Passive IPS Reconnaissance and Enumeration – false positive (ab)use
  • 44CON 2012 (Workshop): NIPS and Tatties