44CON Media Coverage

44CON Insider: The importance of collaborative efforts in cybersecurity (Published 2017-09-19)

Great write up about 44CON 2017 by Richard Morrell.

“For those who don’t know what 44CON is, the show has grown become one of the cornerstones of the UK security and technology industry. It is truly about the security troops in the trenches.”

44CON revisited: Secure Design in Software is still a new Concept (Published 2017-09-17)

Write up about 44CON 2017 by our friends at DeepSec

“So we enjoyed being at 44CON, meetings friends, and exchanging ideas about infosec. A big thanks to the crew! They made the event really smooth and worked a lot behind the scenes, so that everyone felt right at home. Looking forward to 44CON 2018!”

NewStatesman Cyber Security supplement (Published 2017-03-06)

Check for 44CON in NewStatesman Spotlight Cyber Security supplement (we’re on page 46)

The Top 50 Must-Attend Information Security Conferences (Published 2017-01-26)

Digital Guardian announce their list of the top 50 infosec conferences happening around the world in 2017, 44CON London has made the list again this year

44CON London 2016: When Hackers Meet a Corgi! (Published 2016-02-25)44CON London sign

A 44CON 2016 write up by one of our attendees.

Fancy Bears’ infiltration of WADA shows how hacking is changing (Published 2016-09-15)

For years, Fancy Bear was quiet about its infiltration activities – now it seems happy to shout from the rooftops. Sky News came to 44CON 2016 and talked to some of our speakers and sponsors.

The Top 50 Must-Attend Information Security Conferences (Published 2016-02-25)

Digital Guardian announce their list of the top 50 infosec conferences happening around the world in 2016, 44CON London among them

44CON 2015 write up by w1bble (Published 2015-09-24)44CON London sign

Post 44CON London 2015 write up and photo spread by w1bble


Risky Business #383 — Inside FireEye’s research gag (Published 2015-09-17)

A podcast from Risky Business taking a look at what happened in Germany, where FireEye sought and obtained an ex parte injunction against some security researchers over a presentation they were about to do at 44CON London 2015.

Notes from 44CON (Published 2015-09-16)

Dave Lewis, one of our speakers, talks about his experience at 44CON London 2015 and vulnerabilities disclosure.

LabTalk Episode 7: 44CON London (Published 2015-09-16)

Raytheon!Websense Podcast. In this episode Andrew Settle and Carl Leonard discuss responsible disclosure & more hot topics from this year’s 44CON London conference.

Researchers find backdoor bug in NASA rovers’ real-time OS (Published 2015-09-14)

Help Net Security reports on Yannick Formaggio‘s presentation at 44CON London 2015

Head Hacking (Published 2015-09-13)

Head hacking asked people  at 44CON LONDON 2015 what’s wrong with security and made an uplifting music video about it