Call For Papers for 44CON 2023

The Call For Papers for 44CON 2023 is now closed.

The Selection Panel are hard at work reviewing the submissions. We will hopefully start announcing speakers in the next weeks.

Submissions for technical and InfoSec professional presentations & workshops will be accepted. Presentations are 45 minutes long with 5 minutes for Q&A. Workshops are 1-2 hours long including setup/breakdown time.

  • A presentation on the main track is in front of a seated audience.
  • A workshop is like a mini training course – e.g. a 2 hour walk through Windows Kernel internals and local privilege escalation opportunities.

Talks may be filmed. Workshops are not.

If you submitted a talk last year you will find that your login still works. Note that you can submit for other conferences that we are involved in at the same time, just tick the relevant boxes if that is the case.

This is NOT a call for training. Training takes place separately, see here for details:


Submissions should be sent via the CFP website

In particular, we are looking for original talks of the highest quality in the following (but not exclusive) areas:

  • Offensive security talks for the advanced Pentester or Red Teamer
  • Defensive talks for SOC analysts, threat hunters or enthusiastic amateur defenders
  • Talks on bugs, bug classes, finding and fixing security bugs
  • Incident Handling, Forensics and Anti-Forensics
  • Virtualisation, Container and Cloud Computing Security
  • Cryptography, Cryptocurrencies, Cryptozoology and other Crypto-fu
  • Hardware attacks and defence tools, techniques and practices
  • Application and Mobile Security
  • Networking, Comms, Critical National Infrastructure (CNI)
  • Cyberspace, Policing, Law, Interception and Human Rights

Note: this is not an exhaustive list. If you have what you think is a good talk proposal, please submit it through the CFP system.

Priority is generally given to new presentations over those presented elsewhere. If you have a presentation that you have given or will give elsewhere prior to 44CON 2023 in September and wish to submit, please let us know in your submission, and inform us of any changes you intend to make for 44CON 2023.

If your talk or workshop is new, please let us know the details of other conference(s) to which you have or intend to submit through the CFP system.

Speaker Privileges

All speakers at 44CON 2023 will be entitled to the following:

  • 2-3 nights accommodation (see below)
  • Breakfast & Lunch during conference
  • Love and TLC from our awesome speaker ops team
  • Event access for both days, all nights and pre/post event drinks

Accepted primary presentation speakers get the following:

  • 2 nights of accommodation for the primary speaker (normally the Wednesday and Thursday nights)
  • Paid travel (for primary speaker outside of Fulham, Putney or Central London)

Accepted primary presentation speakers also presenting a workshop get the following:

  • 3 nights of accommodation for the primary speaker (normally the Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights)
  • Paid travel (for primary speaker outside of Fulham, Putney or Central London)

Accepted primary workshop presenters without an associated talk get the following:

  • 2 nights of accommodation for the primary speaker (normally the Wednesday and Thursday nights)
  • Travel is not covered

We welcome speakers of all genders, origins and physical abilities. If you have any particular requirements please tell us so we can accommodate them. We are a non-alcoholic, Coeliac, Vegan, Kosher, Halal and Gluten-free friendly event. Talks are to be delivered in English, only. Partners are welcome to come along and we’re happy to help arrange for tourist things for you and your partners to do while in London.
Please let us know should you want to do this, so we can make your time memorable.

Submissions process

Submit your CFP response at the CFP Site

Submissions must be in English only.

Please ensure that your home country is specified in your submission, so we know where to fly you in from.

Please do not email or message the crew with submissions – they will not be accepted.

If you are submitting a workshop proposal, please provide details of attendee requirements such as minimum technical knowledge, hardware/software required etc.

Other Information

To find out more about 44CON 2023 visit, follow us on twitter @44CON, or use the #44CON hashtag and take part in the discussion on Twitter.

Tickets are available from the main web site at For an idea of what to expect, watch some videos from previous 44CON Events at

By agreeing to speak at 44CON 2023 you are granting Sense/Net Ltd (owners of 44CON) the rights to reproduce and distribute your presentation and recording (unless otherwise agreed in writing in advance of the event) including but not limited to, advertisements in various mediums and through partner sites and mediums. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement then this must be agreed with us in writing prior to the event.

It is imperative that, once you have agreed to speak at 44CON 2023, you regularly monitor your nominated e-mail account, so that we can complete the necessary supporting activities such as booking flights, accommodation etc. Failure to to take reasonable steps to support us in minimising costs in these areas may result in your talk being withdrawn.