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Thinkst Canary

Thinkst Canary


Thinkst Canaries are deployed (and loved!) by companies all over the world. Thinkst Canary allows you to deploy high quality, mixed interaction honeypots in under 4-minutes with almost zero management overhead. This means you can deploy them and forget about them, until you receive a single high quality alert that lets you know your other safeguards have failed. From Silicon Valley Unicorns to Australian Universities, from Multinational banks to small law firms, Canaries are keeping watch and blowing the whistle on otherwise undiscovered intrusions.

Traditional methods of detection look for attacks, but most attackers look like regular users (not attackers!) – Thinkst Canary turns your home-ground advantage into a simple, reliable method of revealing your attackers. Simple, reliable and proven world wide. Thinkst Canary. Know. When It Matters.


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2T Security Logo

2T Security


We help our clients solve their IT security and information assurance problems. We design and review security architecture, provide due diligence on systems being planned, manage and create risk management frameworks, and act as trusted independent advisers to help get the right security solutions. We provide innovative security monitoring and analytic capabilities for our clients. We developed the innovative RiskTree® risk management framework, now being used by a number of UK Government departments and in the private sector. This provides a data driven business-focused way to quickly and effectively assess risk and get results that can be understood throughout an organisation.

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Probely logo



Probely is a web vulnerability scanner for agile teams. It finds vulnerabilities or security issues in web applications & APIs and provides guidance on fixing them. It can be integrated into development processes (SDLC) and continuous integration pipelines (CI/CD) to automate security testing. Probely narrows the gap between development, security, and operations by making security an intrinsic characteristic of the web development life-cycle and achieving fast time-to-market.