44CON 2022 Sponsors

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Thinkst Canary

Thinkst Canary


Thinkst Canaries are deployed (and loved!) by companies all over the world. Thinkst Canary allows you to deploy high quality, mixed interaction honeypots in under 4-minutes with almost zero management overhead. This means you can deploy them and forget about them, until you receive a single high quality alert that lets you know your other safeguards have failed. From Silicon Valley Unicorns to Australian Universities, from Multinational banks to small law firms, Canaries are keeping watch and blowing the whistle on otherwise undiscovered intrusions.

Traditional methods of detection look for attacks, but most attackers look like regular users (not attackers!) – Thinkst Canary turns your home-ground advantage into a simple, reliable method of revealing your attackers. Simple, reliable and proven world wide. Thinkst Canary. Know. When It Matters.


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2T Security Logo

2T Security


We help our clients solve their IT security and information assurance problems. We design and review security architecture, provide due diligence on systems being planned, manage and create risk management frameworks, and act as trusted independent advisers to help get the right security solutions. We provide innovative security monitoring and analytic capabilities for our clients. We developed the innovative RiskTree® risk management framework, now being used by a number of UK Government departments and in the private sector. This provides a data driven business-focused way to quickly and effectively assess risk and get results that can be understood throughout an organisation.

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Probely logo



Probely is a web vulnerability scanner for agile teams. It finds vulnerabilities or security issues in web applications & APIs and provides guidance on fixing them. It can be integrated into development processes (SDLC) and continuous integration pipelines (CI/CD) to automate security testing. Probely narrows the gap between development, security, and operations by making security an intrinsic characteristic of the web development life-cycle and achieving fast time-to-market.

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BT Logo



Our security intelligence and managed services help address challenges around data loss prevention, encryption, access to cloud services, and information risk management.
We have the technology and the intelligence to spot and tackle cyber threats before they become the stuff of headlines.

We monitor and manage customer and BT devices around the clock from 16 accredited global security operations centres, and we protect BT from over 125,000 cyber attacks every month.

We know that a cyber attack can destroy a reputation overnight. We also know that security is the number one digital enabler, allowing a business to run at speed and to build customer trust and investor confidence.

So we’ve built a team of 3000 security experts in 14 global centres.
It’s the same people who protect our business who also protect yours.
This team use unique tools and insight to stay one step ahead of criminal entrepreneurs.

As a global leader of Managed Security Services, we’re helping customers thrive in a digital world, by delivering world-class security solutions. These are underpinned by our professional services support, cloud of clouds strategy and excellent customer service.

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CheckSec, builders of Canopy and proudly sponsoring 44CON since 2012!

We build Canopy, an end-to-end solution for managing security assessments. Canopy is to security and audit teams, what Salesforce is to sales teams. Canopy gives you the tools for tracking assessments, capturing and triaging results, and reporting as efficiently as possible. Whether you report through traditional documents, want a web-based results delivery platform, or need to integrate data feeds with other systems, Canopy can help you level up your assessment delivery.

We’re helping small boutique security teams, along with some of the largest enterprises that you’ve heard of, to bring efficiency, increase quality and reduce costs across their security assessment and auditing practices.

If you’re new to Canopy, drop by for a demo or send a demo request to support@checksec.com. If you’re already using Canopy, drop by to tell us about your experience 🙂

PS: we’re also hiring for senior backend engineering (python),senior front-end engineering (JavaScript/React) and customer support roles. Come talk to us if you would like more information!

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We believe in better. And we make it happen.
Tech, Product and Data at Sky is all about building the next and the new. From broadband to broadcast streaming to mobile, we never stand still. We’re proud to connect millions of customers to more of what they love, turning big ideas into the next big thing.
We’re the brains behind your favourite Sky products and the platforms that power them. Our team is made up of self-motivated, big thinkers who have a knack for solving problems. From Sky Glass, Sky Q, Peacock and NOW to news and sports apps, we make entertainment even better and can’t wait to get started on what’s next. Discover your next role now.

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Community Sponsors
Crest Logo



CREST is an international not-for-profit, membership body representing the global cyber security industry. Its goal is to help create a secure digital world for all by quality assuring its members and delivering professional certifications to the cyber security industry.

CREST accredits almost 300 member companies, operating across dozens of countries, and certifies thousands of professionals worldwide. It works with governments, regulators, academe, training partners, professional bodies and other stakeholders around the world.

CREST members undergo a rigorous quality assurance process and employ competent professionals. Organisations buying their cyber security services from CREST members do so with confidence.

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UK Cyber Cluster Collaboration (UKC3) supports cyber clusters to drive growth of the cyber sector within their nations and regions, encouraging greater collaboration across the UK’s cyber ecosystem.

Cyber security is a rapidly growing sector and a key enabler of technological advancement, supporting economic growth and protecting UK plc.

UKC3 promotes collaboration, knowledge exchange and sharing of best practice between cyber clusters in order to develop the ecosystem, promote innovation and grow cyber skills. We look for opportunities to join-up across the UK to amplify the impact clusters are making locally into something nationally significant.

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Covid Hygiene Partner
ESS Covid Hygiene



While there are positive signs of a gradual return to business as usual, the effects of Covid-19 will ensure that the coming months and years are anything but. People’s desire to re-enter their lives and places of work will be tempered by concerns about cleanliness and underlying fears of infection.

ESS Covid Hygiene supplies and installs air sterilisers that bring certainty back to your workplace – providing equipment that kills Covid-19 on contact, eliminates a host of other bugs and viruses and cleans and neutralises dirty and toxic air.

From transportable personal air sterilisers to units with cutting-edge VirusKillerTM technology for large indoor spaces, ESS Covid Hygiene delivers cleaner air, safer environments and, most importantly, peace of mind.

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Event Partners



Cutting Edge Technology. Traditional Customer Service.

Here at Talking Slides, using our own uniquely crafted platform, this is what we do, day in day out. Whatever’s happening in the world, we will work closely with you to provide a solution to deliver your event, whether this be virtual, hybrid or physical.

Whatever your needs, we’d be happy to help and if you want something a little different – do talk to us, we love a challenge.

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Having spent many years in Brisbane, Australia, behind the machines in a few of its most renowned coffee hangouts – Harvey’s (under chef PJ McMillan), Au Cirque and The Little Larder – it became quickly apparent after moving to London that the city was crying out for the simple things in life, like a good flat white.

Our Raison d’être is simple: to provide the London public with the quality and standards associated with Australian coffee culture.

Conference Partners


Bringing together the world’s most renowned security professionals from academics, government, industry, and the underground hacking community.

Next DeepSec will take place on 15th to 18th November 2022.

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THOTCON is a hacking conference based in Chicago IL, USA that was started in 2009 by Chicago hackers.

Next Thotcon will take place on 19th and 20th May 2023.

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Infosec In the City, SINCON


SINCON brings top cybersecurity leaders and experts from both the East and the West together to share and discuss deep-technical topics and insights to build and advance the region’s cybersecurity capabilities and capacity. SINCON features specialised training courses, thought-leadership briefings, and premier techno-centric cybersecurity conferences.
SINCON was previously known as Infosec In the City, Singapore (IICSG)

Next SINCON will take place on 5th and 6th January 2023.

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