Tim Todd

Tim Todd
From a background in Reverse Engineering and Algorithm Design, Tim’s past life as a developer had him working on projects as diverse as BIOS & BIST code for Critical Systems through to designing efficient algorithms for Network Load Distribution.

As a hobbyist, Tim’s passion is modifying embedded firmware; whether it’s his A/V equipment, his phone, or his games console, few things in his house run their original firmware.

A few years ago Tim ‘jumped the fence’, and currently works as an Embedded Pentester. He is a regular presenter at internal conferences, with talks on Bare-metal R.E., Cryptography, Device Design, and Car Networks.

If none of that appeals… 1) Why are you here? …2) Come and chat about magic and mentalism; guitars, keyboards, & chord theory; or the more interesting bits of NLP, hypnotism and social engineering.

Tim will present at:

  • 44CON 2018: Developing Exploits with Scratch Workshop