raytheonRaytheon has more than 30 years of experience securing some of the world’s most critical and sensitive programmes and systems. We work in some of the most demanding cyber security and intelligence environments in the world and bring our customers the capabilities and cyber business change to ensure they stay ahead of threats. We look at ways organisations can actively disrupt the command and control of an adversary within their domain; the focus is not purely on a layered defence.

Through sponsorship of the UK Cyber Challenge, Raytheon is investing in the future of the cyber security industry in the UK.

In the UK, Raytheon specialises in:

Data Loss Prevention: We are leaders in user end-point monitoring and file content checking. Our Sureview and Integrity range are used in UK and US commercial and government organisations to prevent fraud, espionage and accidental data leaks.
Advanced Malware Mitigation: We developed our own behaviour-based capability to detect and prevent targeted attacks.
Secure Information Sharing: Our cross-domain or multi-layered security products enable our customers to share important information across multiple networks and Impact Levels.
Cyber Services: We embed our expertise into our customers’ organisations.

Want to learn more about how Raytheon protects its customers? Come and visit us on our stand during 44CON 2013.