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Beyond Security


SSD provides the support you need to turn your experience uncovering security vulnerabilities into a highly paid career. SSD was designed by researchers, for researchers and will give you the fast response and great support you need to make top dollar for your discoveries. We are looking to acquire zero-day vulnerabilities, in different stages of research, affecting major operating systems, software, devices and report them to the vendors and to our clients. We believe researchers need to get paid for their efforts, that’s why we (Beyond Security) will acquire your research (money guaranteed) and report the vulnerabilities for you.

You can read the SecuriTeam blogs here.

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Immersive Labs


We have built an online cyber skills portal which enables individual users to stream hands-on practical exercises. Individuals can login and choose from 100s of individual cyber skills to develop. Skills include ethical hacking, secure coding, reverse engineering, SOC analysis and cyber investigations.

We crowd source labs from experts around the world. We employ social and gamification features and update labs weekly. Only a browser is required.

Immersive Labs will be running this year’s CTF.

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INTEGRITY is an ISO 27001 certified and CREST member company. Our vision is to deliver worldwide innovative Information Security services on Auditing and Consulting where we provide our full expertise on the structuring and delivery of InfoSec value- added services, combining our expertise and our proprietary GRC Technology for a consistent and effective cyber risk reduction process for our clients. Such comprehensive services include persistent Pen-Testing (www.keepitsecure24.com), ISO 27001 (www.27001manager.com) and Third Party risk management (www.infosecrating.com) solutions supported by our GRC Platforms (www.integritygrc.com).





The only solution replicating the concepts of the biological immune system into cyber-security. Intezer provides enterprises with unparalleled Threat Detection and accelerates Incident Response.

Our current offering includes:

Intezer Code Intelligence™ solution:  Cloud API service for rapid file investigation, accelerating incident response/SoC operation.

Intezer Immune System solution: an advanced, one-of-a-kind Threat Detection solution providing unparalleled level of control over the enterprise systems.

With Intezer solutions, organisations get the most advanced protection against Fileless malware, APTs, code tampering and vulnerable software.

Founded by the founder of CyberArk and IDF Cyber-security specialists.



Twitter: @tiger_scheme

Tigerscheme is a commercial certification scheme for technical security specialists, backed by University standards and covering a wide range of expertise.

Tigerscheme was founded in 2007, on the principle that a commercial certification scheme run on independent lines would give buyers of security testing services confidence that they were hiring in a recognised and reputable company.

Tigerscheme provides for career progression through entry level certification, intermediate level certification, and senior and technical specialist roles. Certification under Tigerscheme provides a formal recognition of an individual’s skills, and is awarded on the basis of a rigorous independent assessment against published and widely-accepted standards.




Bugcrowd delivers the ultimate in security assessment for the enterprise. The pioneer and innovator in crowdsourced security testing for the enterprise, Bugcrowd combines the power of more than 60,000 security researchers and its proprietary Crowdcontrol™ platform to surface critical software vulnerabilities, and level the cybersecurity playing field. Bugcrowd provides a range of public, private, and on-demand options that allow companies to commission a customized security testing program to fit their specific needs.

Event Partners



Having spent many years in Brisbane, Australia, behind the machines in a few of its most renowned coffee hangouts – Harvey’s (under chef PJ McMillan), Au Cirque and The Little Larder – it became quickly apparent after moving to London that the city was crying out for the simple things in life, like a good flat white.

Our Raison d’être is simple: to provide the London public with the quality and standards associated with Australian coffee culture.

ESW Solutions

ESW Solutions


Founded in 1995, ESW Solutions has quickly become a major force in the Audio Visual industry – building on its first class reputation for customer service, quality and commitment. From a large multi room European conference to a small meeting we have the experience to make your event successful. We also produce live events for a wide range of clients, Awards Ceremonies, Talent Competitions, Festival Stages etc.

ESW is also the home to Talking Slides a unique product that gets content presented at your conference online and ready to view in a simple, cost-effective and hassle-free manner. We attend your event and capture the presentations as they happen. However, the recording of your event is just the beginning.

We take the high-definition presentation recordings and host them within our Talking Slides management system, complete with search facilities, registration options and even pay-per-view access.