44CON 2014 Training

All training courses are run on the 9th & 10th September 2014 at the Millennium Gloucester Conference Centre in Kensington, London.

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook, 2nd Edition: LIVE!

MDSec (Marcus Pinto)

The Web Application Hacker’s Handbook (WAHH) Series is the most deep and comprehensive general purpose guide to hacking web applications that is currently available. This course is a practical opportunity to take the skills and theory taught in the book to the next level, experimenting with all of the tools and techniques against numerous vulnerable web applications and labs, under the guidance of the book’s authors. The course also includes new material from the second edition of WAHH, bringing the course right up to date with the latest attacks.

Course Length: 2 days

The Advanced Exploit Laboratory

Saumil Shah

The Advanced Exploit Laboratory is an all new intermediate to advanced level class, for those curious to dig deeper into the art and craft of software exploitation. We begin with a quick overview of stack overflows, exception handler abuse, memory overwrites, and other core concepts. The class then moves on to use-after-free bugs and vtable overwrites, especially applicable to browser and PDF exploits. The class also spends a lot of time focusing on defeating modern day exploit mitigation techniques like DEP and ASLR using Return Oriented Programming (ROP).

To add extra punch, we are introducing an all new section practical exploitation of browsers on the Android platform and working with ARM exploits. This is one class you don’t want to miss!

The Exploit Laboratory requires a lot of hands on work. Lab examples used in this class cover Linux, Windows and Android platforms, featuring popular third party applications and products instead of simulated lab exercises.

As with the popular Exploit Laboratory, all topics are delivered in a down-to-earth, learn-by-example methodology. The same trainers who brought you The Exploit Laboratory for over eight years have been working hard in putting together advanced material based on past feedback.

Course Length: 2 days

This is the 100% genuine Exploit Lab! No imitations, no rip-offs

Mobile App Security Boot Camp

Dominic Chell & Robert Miller

The Mobile App Security Boot Camp is an all-new novice to advanced level class covering both Android and iOS App security. As a new course for 2014, we provide the most comprehensive and cutting edge guide to mobile App security that is currently available, including in depth coverage of iOS 7!

The class provides attendees with details on platform security protections, teaches them how to build a test environment and deep dives in to exploitation of mobile application vulnerabilities.

This 2-day class is provided as a partnership between MDSec and MWR InfoSecurity, pioneers in mobile security.

Course Length: 2 days

Hacking PDF

Didier Stevens

PDF exploits and malicious PDF documents have been on the radar for several years now. But do you know how to detect them? And how they are constructed?

This training will teach you how to analyze PDF files and create your own PDF hacks. PDF files that execute code, but also PDF documents to embed, obfuscate and hide all types of content. Didier Stevens will teach you how to use his Python tools to analyze PDF documents and to create your own PDF documents from scratch. With a bit of knowledge of the Python programming language, Didier Stevens will teach you how to use his PDF Python module to create all sorts of “interesting” PDF files. And for good measure, we also throw in a bit of shellcode programming. Didier Stevens will reveal you shellcode he specially designed for PDF files. This shellcode has never been released publicly.

This is not a training on exploit development, but we will see with several exercises how exploits need to be packaged in PDF files. We focus on the PDF language, not on reversing PDF readers.

Course Length: 2 days

Network Analysis with the Bro Platform

Liam Randall

The Bro Platform is the National Science Foundation funded next generation network analysis system with use cases in security, network monitoring, DLP and more. The Bro Platform provides security teams with logs of highly structured data about their networks, a Turing complete scripting language through which they can interact with real-time stateful network events, and flexible open interfaces through which Bro can be programmed. Pragmatically able to interface with the entire network stack, Bro includes support for most common TCP/IP protocols, IPv6, tunneled traffic, SSL, and more.

Course Length: 2 days