44CON 2023

In case you missed it, 44CON is back! As attendees will tell, 44CON has a deep lineup and that is certainly true this September.

Now at an all new venue, we are bringing you the best of the best, not just at our main event but with a free community evening the night before.

From the free community evening on the 13th to the main event on the 14th and 15th, we have a record number of talks, eight workshops, five pre-event training courses and several villages for you to land in. Get there early and to catch the words of a senior NCSC speaker (shhh) and spend the day – in addition to Threat Condition, the Cyber Crisis Adversary simulator, we may even have a couple talks Thursday night to get you to stick around!

We keep the pressure on Friday with a full six talks and four workshops, wrapping up both(!) our CTFs in time for our to-be-announced closing keynote.

Check out our schedule here, but don’t hesitate, book your ticket today!

If you cannot make it to the main event, register for the Community Evening on Wednesday 13th. It’s free!