Win CRESTCon 2019 Tickets!

We’ve teamed up with CREST to give everyone the opportunity to win one of 5 (count ’em) CRESTCon 2019 tickets, worth £175 each. If you’ve never been, now’s your chance. If you’ve been before but don’t have a ticket, now’s your chance too!

CRESTCon is a one-day event organised by CREST, the international certification body for the technical information security market. This year’s CRESTCon is on March 14th at the Royal College of Physicians. If you’re on our 44CON training courses in the same week and/or are coming to 44CONnect, then this is a competition worth taking part in.

To win a CRESTCon ticket, all you need to do is make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list, and email from the address you’ve registered. To shamelessly stack the cards in favour of training attendees and early bird ticket holders, we’ve sliced our 5 ticket allocation the following way:

Some of the talks we’re most looking forward to at this year’s CRESTCon include:

  • Matt Lorentzen – Sheepl – Automating people for Red and Blue Team Tradecraft
  • Thomas V. Fischer – Building a Personal Data Focused Incident Response Plan to Address Breach Notification
  • Martin Jordan – Austerbury: Iranian cyber threat briefing

Winners will be chosen at random over the course of February. Get your entry in quick because like our early bird tickets, once they’re gone, they’re gone!


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