Jerry Gamblin: Frictionless Security

Over the last few weeks we have been announcing the line up for 44CON2016. 44CON kicks off this week but it’s not too late to get your tickets!

Our final speaker announcement is Jerry Gamblin – Frictionless Security

“Frictionless Security” is the process of building your security program into your company’s infrastructure stack so that it is automated, non-intrusive, and non-negotiable.  Over the last year as I have implemented this program I have written custom API calls, CHEF scripts, slack bots and more in order to make my security program as frictionless as possible.

In this talk we will discuss:

What went well.
What went wrong. (Hint: A LOT)
What we will do differently to improve.

Jerry Gamblin’s passion for security was ignited in 1989 when he hacked Oregon Trail to give himself the highest score in history in the world on his 3rd grade teacher’s Apple IIe.

As a (mostly) grown up security evangelist and analyst, he has been featured on numerous blogs, podcasts and has spoken at security conferences around the world on keeping companies secure.

When he’s not helping companies be more secure, you can find him taking his son to swim lessons or learning how to solder.

You can read his latest thoughts at