Building a Safe Space for Security Research

We set up a YouTube channel back in 2011, but switched to Vimeo in 2012. Earlier this year we started to move videos from our paid Vimeo account to YouTube.
Back in April, YouTube changed their policies to describe the following as “Harmful or dangerous content
Instructional hacking and phishing: Showing users how to bypass secure computer systems or steal user credentials and personal data.
There’s a difference between malicious and instructional content. YouTube doesn’t seem to have made that distinction clear. Several security research channels have now experienced strikes and suspensions. As a security research conference, we want to upload all of our filmed content, including instructional workshops and talks. It’s not realistic to only upload defensive security videos, nor is it wise. The offensive research content is often instrumental for defenders as it shows them what they need to defend against. This leaves us in an awkward position with youtube, because of what we do.

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