The Integrity 8-Bit Arcade Tour Continues!

Thanks to our sponsors, Integrity, the 8-bit Arcade 2019 Tour will be making it’s way to BSides Manchester. With two Commodore 64s, high-end old-school CRT monitors and plenty of games, there’ll be mountains of low-res, SID-tastic fun for any joystick jugglers up for a game.

As well as general games we have an actual tournament complete with prizes. Win 44CON Tickets from Integrity, and books from No Starch Press! Drop on by, don’t be shy and have a wiggle with our joysticks! (careful now! Ed.) We’ll have the following games on, with some being championship rounds and some just for fun:

You might want to wear headphones when clicking the links above as they’re filled with gratuitous (and loud) SID-fuelled nostalgia.

If there are games you’d like to play that aren’t on the list, let us know on the day and we’ll try and dig out a copy.

The #44CON 8-bit Arcade Championship Tour Starts This Weekend

The wonderful Steelcon is back this weekend. Last year we ran a soldering area there. This year we’re back with an 8-bit arcade championship. Two skilled players will win 44CON tickets. We have a bunch of games for our joystick jugglers to try their hand at, as well as running non-championship games throughout the day.

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