Kev Sheldrake

KevinSheldrake Twitter: @kevsheldrake
Kevin Sheldrake is a penetration tester who started working in the technical security field in 1997.

Over the years, Kev has been a developer and systems administrator of ‘secure’ systems, an infosec policy consultant, a penetration tester, a reverse engineer and an entrepreneur who founded and ran his own security consulting company. His current interests (4+ years) are IoT, crypto and RFID; he reverse engineers and hacks devices that his employer intends to sell. He has a Masters degree, is a Chartered Engineer and, in the past, has been a CHECK Team Leader, a CISSP and held CLAS. He privately mentors others on the Stanford and Maryland crypto courses available on

Kev has presented at EMF Camp, DEFCON 4420 and DEFCON 441452 on hacking embedded devices (Inside our Toys); presented on building debuggers for embedded devices at Securi-Tay (Phun with Ptrace()); and also presented a lengthy take down on the use of NLP in Social Engineering at DEFCON 4420 (Social Engineering LIES!). He has also presented regularly at his employer’s internal security conference, winning best talk in 2014 for ‘Embedded Nonsense’, a talk about hacking an IoT device and reversing its crypto, which he subsequently presented at Cyber Security Challenge.

Kev has presented at:

  • 44CON 2017: Cracking HiTag2 Crypto – Weaponising Academic Attacks for Breaking and Entering
  • 44CON 2017: Cracking HiTag2 Crypto – Detailed Look at the Academic Attacks (Workshop)