Charl van der Walt

charl van der walt Twitter: @charlvdwalt
I’m a founder of SensePost – a pentesting company in South Africa and UK – where I still form part of the management. Over almost 20 years at SensePost I acted in various roles including CEO for about 5 years. After we sold SensePost to a UK business called SecureData I took a diverse role with the group that includes leading its research unit, directing security strategy and also leading the ‘Security Intelligence Unit’, which amongst other things runs a significant Managed SIEM and Threat Hunting (MDR) Operation .

I have spoken on a variety of occasions over the duration of my career, including at Black Hat, HITB, Defcon, NATA CCDCOE, BSides and others (but never at 44COn).

I used to have a dog called Fish, but she died. Now I have a dog called Rabbit with three legs.

Charl will present at:

  • 44CON 2018: Weak analogies make poor realities – are we sitting on a Security Debt Crisis?
  • 44CON 2018: Sys Mon! Why yu nuh logging dat?