Don Bailey

Don A.Bailey
Don A. Bailey has consistently engaged in ground breaking research over the past decade. He helped prove SS7 to be a global threat to telephony security before anyone knew what SS7 was, and helped mitigate these threats in the USA. Don started the IoT hacking trend by performing the first remote hack of a car at Black Hat Las Vegas in 2011. Mr. Bailey uncovered a critical flaw in a  compression algorithm so widely implemented that affected the entire Yahoo infrastructure, iOS, the Linux kernel, and even the Mars Rover. He is the first and possibly only researcher to have found critical bugs affecting the Erlang virtual machine core. He was the first security researcher to perform a security analysis of the RISC-V ISA.

Mr. Bailey sits on the advisory board of several startups and conferences, assisting with technical guidance and strategy. He was the CTO of Revolar, a startup that helps vulnerable individuals improve their safety in uncertain physical environments. While launching his own IoT startup, Don consults regularly with startups of all sizes to secure their technology stack, network architecture, and embedded technologies.

Don has given 9 talks at Black Hat Briefings, 5 talks at Hack In The Box, and 4 talks at the infamous 44Con conference, among others. His exploits have been featured on NPR, in Reuters, FOX, BBC, Al Jazeera, and many more stations worldwide.

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