44CON Media Coverage

44CON Insider: The importance of collaborative efforts in cybersecurity (Published 2017-09-19)

Great write up about 44CON 2017 by Richard Morrell.

“For those who don’t know what 44CON is, the show has grown become one of the cornerstones of the UK security and technology industry. It is truly about the security troops in the trenches.”

NewStatesman Cyber Security supplement (Published 2017-03-06)

Check for 44CON in NewStatesman Spotlight Cyber Security supplement (we’re on page 46)

The Top 50 Must-Attend Information Security Conferences (Published 2017-01-26)

Digital Guardian announce their list of the top 50 infosec conferences happening around the world in 2017, 44CON London has made the list again this year

44CON London 2016: When Hackers Meet a Corgi! (Published 2016-02-25)44CON London sign

A 44CON 2016 write up by one of our attendees.

Fancy Bears’ infiltration of WADA shows how hacking is changing (Published 2016-09-15)

For years, Fancy Bear was quiet about its infiltration activities – now it seems happy to shout from the rooftops. Sky News came to 44CON 2016 and talked to some of our speakers and sponsors.

The Top 50 Must-Attend Information Security Conferences (Published 2016-02-25)

Digital Guardian announce their list of the top 50 infosec conferences happening around the world in 2016, 44CON London among them

44CON 2015 write up by w1bble (Published 2015-09-24)44CON London sign

Post 44CON London 2015 write up and photo spread by w1bble

Risky Business #383 — Inside FireEye’s research gag (Published 2015-09-17)

A podcast from Risky Business taking a look at what happened in Germany, where FireEye sought and obtained an ex parte injunction against some security researchers over a presentation they were about to do at 44CON London 2015.

Notes from 44CON (Published 2015-09-16)

Dave Lewis, one of our speakers, talks about his experience at 44CON London 2015 and vulnerabilities disclosure.

LabTalk Episode 7: 44CON London (Published 2015-09-16)

Raytheon!Websense Podcast. In this episode Andrew Settle and Carl Leonard discuss responsible disclosure & more hot topics from this year’s 44CON London conference.

Researchers find backdoor bug in NASA rovers’ real-time OS (Published 2015-09-14)

Help Net Security reports on Yannick Formaggio‘s presentation at 44CON London 2015

Head Hacking (Published 2015-09-13)

Head hacking asked people  at 44CON LONDON 2015 what’s wrong with security and made an uplifting music video about it

FireEye legally censors crucial parts of a researcher’s talk at 44CON (Published 2015-09-11)

Help Net Security reports on FireEye censoring Felix Wilhelm‘s presentation at 44CON LONDON 2015

FireEye tried to cover up patched vulnerabilities (Published 2015-09-11)

TechEye.net reports on the row at 44CON LONDON 2015 as a US security company FireEye attempted to kill off public disclosure of a major series of vulnerabilities in its suite.


Joe Bursell provides pictures of what went on at the IOT workshop during 44CON London

FireEye Scolded For Injunction Stopping Security Researcher Revealing Source Code (Published 2015 – 09-10)

Thomas Fox-Brewster reports on the FireEye issue.

On the buses (Published 2015-07/08)

A case study done on 44CON by the ILEC Conference Centre

Ladies and gentlemen – the audience! (Published 2014-07-04)

Dan Raywood’s reaction to his presentation acceptance for 44CON 2014

Hackers, practitioners and me (Published 2014-07-02)

Dave Lewis’ reaction to his 44CON 2014 acceptance

Fun in the sun at April’s infosec events (Published 2013-07-10)

We are always spoilt in April with not only Infosec, but 44Cafe and BSides London too – and this year was another corker.

Why you should be at 44Con 2013 (Published 2012-09-13)

Dr Phil Polstra tells us all why everyone should attend 44CON in 2013.

44CON: bigger, better, uncut (Published 2012-10-23)

SC Magazine’s Nick Barron’s view of 44CON 2012

Snoopy: A distributed tracking and profiling framework (Published 2012-09-25)

SensePost’s Glenn Wilkinson discusses the Snoopy framework presented at 44CON

44Con Burp Plugin Workshop Slides and Code available (Published 2012-09-13)

Marc Wickenden’s discusses his 44CON “Burp Plugin Development for Java n00bs” workshop

Plenty for crypto fans at 44CON (Published 2012-09-12)

SC Magazine discusses crypto presentations and sponsors at 44CON 2012

44Con Trip Report (Published 2012-09-11)

@thesuggmeister provides his take on 44CON 2012, why you should have attended and why you should next year

44con Conference: Latest developments in Information Security (Published 2012-09-10)

Post 44CON write up on the athernet blog

44Con: Malware Analysis as a Hobby slides posted (Published 2012-09-10)

Michael Boman releases the slides from his 44CON “Malware analysis as a hobby” workshop

44Con 2012 writeup by w1bble (Published 2012-09-07)

Post 44CON write up and photo spread by w1bble

44Con 2012 – Highlights (Published 2012-09-07)

Post 44CON write up from the Attack Debris Blog

DGA’s at 44CON (Published 2012-09-04)

44Con 2012 speaker Gunter Ollmann discusses the background to his presentation on malware domain generation algorithms.

Cybersecurity: how safe are we online? (Published 2012-09-02)Naked Scientist

Naked Scientists Podcast interview Daniel Cuthbert and Glenn Wilkinson from SensePost about their 44CON presentation

Second 44CON to run over five days with dedicated infosec track day (Published 2012-07-05)

SC Magazine previews the highlights of 44CON 2012

Ethical hackers battle to prevent ‘information security apocalypse’ (Published 2011-09-08)hdr-globe-central

CNN Covers the inaugural 44CON