44CON Cyber Security

44CON Cyber Security is a new annual one day Information Security Conference taking place in London, on the 28th April 2015.

44CON London

44CON London is the Premier Technical Information Security Conference and Training event taking place in London.

The event starts the evening of the 9th September 2015, with the Conference days on the 10th and 11th September 2015.

44CON London Training days run on the 7th, 8th and 9th September 2015.

44CON on Vimeo

We are moving off Youtube to Vimeo, we will be publishing the 2012 content on Vimeo in the coming weeks. We will also be publishing the 2014 content on Vimeo’s ondemand platform shortly after the DVD ships.  Meanwhile you can get your hands on the videos for 44CON 2013 to watch ondemand on Vimeo.

Latest News

44CON @ Cyber Security EXPO

44CON presents some of speakers from 44CON 2014 make an appearance at Cyber Security EXPO at the ExCeL in London.

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MWRLabs 44CON 2014 CTF Prizes and Qualification

The qualification for teams without conference tickets for 44CON 2014 for the MWRLabs 44CON 2014 CTF was completed last week, we had quite a number of teams take part. We’d like to thank all the teams that took part for their efforts and we invited the top teams to attend the final onsite CTF to compete for the prize of ‘2014 MWRLabs 44CON CTF Champion’.

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